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The Montreal Film Company is a collective created by Directors John L'Ecuyer and Matt Hotson along with Producer Gaelle Renzaglia. They are also associated with Screenwriter Al Kratina. 


From micro budgets upwards everyone at The Montreal Film Company can play a key role - either individually or as a team - in either Service Producing, Scriptwriting, Directing or crewing from top to bottom any project you may be developing or are considering creating in the future. Feature films, Dramatic TV series, MOWs and Lifestyle shows are just some of the work we have accomplished recently.


The company has experience with and access to the best crews in Toronto for any project you may be developing - from Tier 'A' to Tier 'F' - and has an extensive knowledge of/personal relationships with key industry players and equipment suppliers over 2 continents, 3 countries and 5 major filmmaking cities.


Finally, The Montreal Film Company is also developing a wide range of our own projects at present that span Cable TV series to Indie Features and documentaries.

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